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Convict with Local Ties Escapes

A convicted murderer serving time in Sacramento, California has escaped, according to a news from SRPD. Lieutenant Azariah Brentt says that 36 year old Jade Aura Vertilo escaped from the facility in Sacramento, where she was serving time for multiple murders carried out here in SRV and it is believed she is heading back to Santa Ramona.

Vertilo is female, has red hair and a Harley Quinn tattoo.

SRPD were informed about Vertilo's escape late on 19th and immediately increased patrols in the Valley. "We're following every lead that we receive. We're in a position where we absolutely need the public's help," Lieutenant Brentt states. "Which is why we are offering $1,000 reward for any information leading to her arrest."

Lieutenant Brentt goes on to say "Ms Vertilo was briefly seen when she appeared on CCTV outside City Hall after slashing the tires of police cars on afternoon of 20th February. This is her last confirmed whereabouts. Although an incident on 02/19/19 over at the Southside Outreach Clinic might also have had something to do with her we are still investigating that."

Vertilo is described as "very dangerous" and SRPD urge anyone with information to call 911. "We absolutely do not want any member of the public approaching Ms Vertilo, if you see her call 911 immediately and stay away"