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02/10/19 "Attempted Suicide by Cop"

On Sunday 10th February 19, during the grand opening of SouthSide Outreach Clinic, a male who there to perform the opening ceremony arrived very intoxicated. He was confronted by an SRPD Officer who was already on site. As the Officer tried to detain for his own safety as he was bumping into things he pulled a gun. The SRPD Officer then drew his own firearm and ordered the male drop his. The male then continued for sometime to try and goad the SRPD into shooting him. Back was called for and another Officer arrived on scene to assist. The Officers managed to get to males firearm off of him and after appeals from the doctors on site agreed to place him on psychiatric hold for 24 hours before he attended SR Police Dept.

The male was charged with Public Intoxication, Disturbing the peace, Brandishing of a Firearm, Aggravated Assault.

The Officer had his body camera running.

============================================== 02/10/19

"Raped in Own Home"

On Sunday 10th February 19, an SRPD Officer attended a 911 call to a woman who had been raped. The female whose name is not being released at this time, was at home in Cozy Street and intoxicated. I appears that she left the door open and a male entered her home with the idea of checking on her welfare. Instead he undressed and raped her. A neighbor who was out on his porch saw the male leaving. The victim was escorted by SPRD Officers to SouthSide Outreach Clinic where an SAE Exam was performed.

At the time of printing the rapist is still at large. SRPD are urging anyone seeing a male, 6' 4" in height, medium build with a stubbly beard and brown hair, possibly a resident of the Cozy Street area to contact them immediately and be extra vigilant and make sure doors are closed.

The Officer had his body camera running.

============================================== 02/16/19

"Trespassers in City Hall"

On Saturday 16th February 19, approx 8.15 in the morning. Two 'oriental' looking women entered City Hall. Having ignored the (NPC) Staff on the front desk they proceeded to wonder all over the building. The Front staff called for SRPD Officers to help get them out and one Officer found the woman in the Police Chiefs Office on the third floor. When he challenged them they claimed they were looking for the bathroom. They were informed that there are no public bathrooms in the building and that they were trespassing. The went to leave but took the PD elevator down into the jail area instead.

One SRPD Officer cut them off by going via the court room, the other came in from the garage. The women were once again confront and told to leave, they choose not to comply, instead after trying unsuccessfully to get into the jail area, they went into the evidence store room and armory. SRPD Officers threatened to taze them if they did not leave. At this point they choose to comply and left the building with the Officers perusing them.

CCTV feeds from all over City Hall are in the hands of the SRPD.

At the time of Printing its still being investigated if they stole anything from the store room. SRPD is urging anyone who might of seen these women or who has information on them to contact them on the non emergency number as soon as possible.

One is described as being, Female, looked about 20's, oriental looking, short black hair in a pop the other is described as Female, oriental looking, black hair worn up. Seemed to be dressed in oriental clothing.

============================================== 02/16/19

"Attempted Robbery at Hotel Cortez"

On Saturday 16th February 19, approx 8pm and SRPD Officer who was on routine patrol along Mission Blvd witnessed a male brandishing a firearm through the window of the hotel. The Officer called for back and drew her own firearm, she ordered the male to drop his gun. The suspect having been surprised by her sudden apperance complied immediately and dropped his weapon.

A bag containing $727 in money taken from Hotel Cortez was recovered and they firearm turned out to be a very realistic looking fake.

The male was charged with Aggravated Assault and Robbery

The Officer had her body camera running.

============================================== 02/17/19

"Underage Drinking in the Park "

On Sunday 17th February 19 at around 2.30 in the afternoon. An SRPD Officer locking his car up noticed a person slumped on a bench in the park. On going over to check on their welfare it was discovered that female was very intoxicated. The female informed the Officer she was only 20 years old. She then proceeded to try and offer the Officer money and sexual favors not to take her to jail. Which the Officer refused. For her own saftey she was detained overnight in SRPD cell and released with a citation for Underage Drinking and Public Intoxication in the morning.