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Press Release for Missing Person Evelyn Teague

On Saturday 2nd February a vigil was set up in park for a Ms Evelyn Teague who at that point had been missing for over a week.

“I would like to make it clear to your readers that prior to this point we had no knowledge of this Person being missing, no report had ever been submitted to us. After Saturday I sort out Father Benedict Asher and obtained details to open an investigation.” said Lieutenant Azariah Brentt of SRPD.

Ms Teague last known whereabouts where some months ago when she was an impatient at a psychiatric facility out of town possibly in Lafourche, where it is also believed Ms Teague might of gone to attend school also.

Its unknown when Ms Teague returned to SRV or if she discharged herself from mental health facilities out of town. She is described as a white female, aged around 27, with Black or Dark, Long hair and about 5'7ish in height.

“Our main concern is for Ms Teague's welfare,” said Lt Brentt. “as it appears its likely she has not been able to take prescribed medication for a while. Having said that, after obtaining her medical files from SRGH we are also concerned with public safety. Ms Teague has displayed violent agitation in the past and we are therefore asking any members of the public who might see her not approach her, but to call 911 immediately.”