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Screaming Infidelity

SRVC recently met with Mr. Jordan Russo. In light of recent events, Mr. Russo wished to clear the air and give his account of the events that sparked the confrontation between himself and Governor Stone at the candlelight vigil on February 2nd.

Letter to the Editor,

Anyone who was at the vigil on February 2nd is probably aware of the allegations levied against me. I feel that given the severity of those allegations, I have no option but to go public with the truth as ugly as it may be.

On the night of January 14th, Evelyna Stone came to my apartment with a man who was not her husband to spend time with me and someone who was not my wife. I am leaving the names of these people out of this, because they no more deserve to have their reputations ruined than I do. (But I will be giving the names to the editor, so that she may interview them and confirm what I’m saying is true.)

Things started off innocently enough, with a game of Monopoly, but soon enough became sexual. Evelyna Stone spent the night in my bed engaging in acts of infidelity and depravity with me and others. I am terribly ashamed to admit that. Both for the sake of her husband and my wife. I am weak and she was offering.

And I’d like to emphasize that. At no time did anything non-consensual happen in that room. What happened next is only conjecture. I suppose that her husband discovered her twelve plus hour absence from her home that night and wanted answers. In hopes of saving her marriage, she cried rape.

I truly hope that the Stones are able to work things out and that Eve admits she lied to her husband and things have gotten carried away. All I can do now is focus on my own marriage and hope this experience serves as an example to others. There is a price to sin.


Jordan Russo

SRVC followed up with one of the people Russo named as a witness, and they corroborated his story. This source has requested to remain anonymous and we have decided to honor this.

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