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Justice for the Unheard, a Lesson in Ethics of Journalism

This is a response received from the unheard voice of Dr. Evelyna Stone, in response to a recent article published overnight titled "Screaming Infidelity". California Star Tribune Publishers has always represented the highest caliber of journalism available to the public in our great state of California and manages the content provided to the public provided by the Santa Ramona Valley Chronicles. We strongly believe in unbiased reporting and hope to continue to see the Santa Ramona Valley Chronicles publish unbiased and de-sensationalized content in the future.

News Reporting Code of Ethics:

-Ethical Journalism should be accurate and fair.

-Ethical journalism treats sources, subjects, colleagues and members of the public as human beings deserving of respect.

-Ethical journalism should act without favor to anyone on any side of an article.

Santa Ramona Chronicles has not sought out the founding principles of ethical journalism. They have been reduced to printing a defamation of character piece that is inaccurate, unfair, disrespectful and used with total bias. Readers, ask yourself this? Are facts stated here? No, the words of a person publicly accused of rape, to defend themselves in a gross misuse of our news-reporting outlet, an illegal act in fact. The newspaper has no right to print this; they trash the name of journalism without any proof to the words spoken. None at all, even statements must be sought to be proven before being reported as such. While opinion and rhetoric can be printed, it should be proven or backed with fact. Were people treated with respect? No, the person that has alleged rape was never contacted. The person’s character being torn apart was never once sought out. Never spoken to. Mr. & Mrs. Stone had no regard by the Chronicles when they chose to print a story based on nothing but he said/she said, only they did not even bother to get the ‘she’ said. Evelyna Stone has never been asked to speak out. Was favor shown to one side? Yes. Because the Stones were never reached out to, the newspaper, for whatever reason decided to only present one side of a story.

This gross misuse of the integrity of journalism is highly suspect to what the Chronicles stands for. The actions presented here show it’s nothing but a gossip rag likened to the tabloid supermarket aisle.

The facts of the matter are as such: Evelyna Stone worked for years with our government branches of the FBI, CIA and NSA in roles that her integrity was held to the utmost level. She currently holds security clearances with the government higher than many due to her dedication to that integrity. Evelyna Stone is a former DA with a perfect record of performing justice for the citizens of Santa Ramona Valley. She is missed by the court system for her exemplary work, dedication to justice and desire to seek truth. Evelyna Stone left the courthouse to give back more, continuing her residency to a prior medical background in technology and pairing it with her work in ethics. A subject she is well versed with. Torn between her desire to work in a hospital setting and further her skills as a surgeon and seeing the under represented people of the Southside area of Santa Ramona Valley getting little to no health care, she left the hospital. She now serves the Southside Clinic, an undertaking that she sought out community involvement and invested over $1,000,000 of her personal finances into the endeavor. She works in general urgent care and as a psychiatrist, helping many citizens overcome maladies from drug addiction to mental health issues. The clinic is able to give care to the underrepresented of Santa Ramona Valley with several programs available to those that cannot pay.

As far as the lies and bias printed by Santa Ramona Chronicles from the mouth of Jordan Russo, Evelyna Stone states the following: “I have never been unfaithful to my husband. I have never once in all my life or marriage committed adultery.” As for what happened in the events with Jordan Russo, she states she will not speak on an ongoing investigation. Final thoughts from Mrs. Stone, “The integrity of many things has been attacked here. For one, I am being attacked unfairly with lies. But on a wholly larger aspect, all of the readers of the Chronicles are being lied to. And when a newspaper loses all semblance of a code of ethics, it’s time to retire that form of false journalism and find new leadership within the organization. A newspaper takes on a responsibility to print fact to its readers. It’s a relationship built on trust and honor. Pharin Wilde is grossly out of touch with the truth, honor, legality and loyalty to her readers. I have always stood beside this community and I will again. I will be seeking legal action against the newspaper. I will be contacting the publishing company to fact check the article she put her name on and publish it, seeking her removal from the newspaper. Our citizens, who I have shown nothing but factual evidence to have cared for and looked after, deserve better than lies.”