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Governor and Mayor Arrested During Candlelight Vigil

Following the disappearance of Evelyn Teague, Father Benedict of The Santa Ramona Valley Church held a candlelight vigil at the park in front of the Hotel Cortez. The vigil drew quite a crowd, including both Governor Jake Stone and Mayor Frank Castle. Teague has been missing for approximately a week, whereabouts unknown.

Right before 5pm, tensions arose between more than one patron attending the service; one being Governor Stone and another man. In an erratic attempt to stop the situation from getting out of hand, Mayor Castle withdrew his personal firearm and discharged a round into the air. When asked by an Officer present at the vigil to put the gun away, Castle refused and fired off another shot before placing it in the pocket of his jacket.

It was around this time, that Governor Stone assaulted the other man; punching him in the face. SRVC was not present at the vigil, so it is unclear as to what sparked the conflict; but it can be certain that we will be following up this article as more information is released.

Mayor Castle has been arrested for failing to comply with lawful order as well as the negligent discharge of a firearm. Governor Stone has also been arrested for battery.

With local government officials behaving like this, who needs reality TV?