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Give up the Gun

There has been a spate of shootings in Santa Ramona in the past few months, so in an effort to try and counter some crimes happening at present, Santa Ramon Police are collecting unwanted and unlicensed firearms, next month, to try to prevent them ending up in the hands of criminals.

Santa Ramona Police Dept Lieutenant Azariah Brentt said: "The fight against gun crime is stronger than ever and we are working with partners and our local communities to safeguard, educate and intervene at the earliest opportunity. Many firearms are often held in innocence and ignorance of their illegality, or were overlooked and forgotten in people's homes.One weapon off the streets is one less that can be used, often multiple times, to harm and threaten our communities. "

Santa Ramona Police Dept are appealing for people to "Give up the Gun" with a one day surrender of firearms, knives and ammunition. Have a hand in making your community safer.

The amnesty will take place from 8 am Monday 4th February until 8 am Tuesday 5th February.

During that period, those surrendering firearms, knives and ammunition, will not face prosecution for the illegal possession and can remain anonymous. No questions will be asked. Penalties after 5th February are up to $3,000 and 8 hours in Jail.