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1/2/2019 Rape

On Wednesday, January 3, 2019, a rape was reported to have taken place in the mayors office at city hall. Its alleged that the suspect was a friend of the victims. The suspect has been recently arrested on another matter and remains in police custody. No names are being released at this time.


1/5/2019 Rape

On Saturday, January 5, 2019, SRPD Officers were called out assist with securing the scene of an air plain crash at the old drive in movie theater over in Southvalley.

Whilst in attendance a shot was fired from a Sniper over on the trails. One woman was seriously injured with the shot entering her eye socket. The shot then landed just feet away from a SRPD Officer.

The Senior Officer on sight made the decision to go and search the trails area along with another SRPD Officer. Whilst a Police Sniper was moved into place in case there was need to take the gunman out. The two Officers came across a jeep full of unidentified people. Whilst ordering them out of the vehicle it became clear they had the Sniper with them. He escapades and announced he had a bomb strapped to him he was holding a dead man's switch, a device that causes a bomb to be detonated when it is let go of.

The man was brought down by SRPD Officers who tackled him on the cliffs edge, at great risk to their own lives. During the tackle the man let go of the dead man's switch, however the bomb failed to detonate. It was later found to be a false bomb. No Officers or civilians were injured.

No names are being released at this time.


1/5/2019 Shoot Out

On Saturday, January 5, 2019, an SRPD Officer returning from the sight of the air plane crash, observed a female standing in front of Castle Productions, holding a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Upon stopping his vehicle the Officer then observed another woman standing brandishing a hand gun in the entrance of the building. 2 shots were discharged in the direction of the first woman. The Officer ordered the female in the doorway to drop her gun, whilst he was doing so the first woman produced a gun and discharged shots at the other woman. The Officer was wearing a body camera.

Both women sustained gunshot wounds and were taken to SRGH for treatment. Both survived and were formally arrested and charged with Attempted Murder and the Brandishing of a Firearms and were transfered into police custody the following day.

Both were later released on bail.

No names are being released at this time.


1/6/2019 Criminal Threats

On Sunday January 6th, 2019, an man come into City Hall asking to speak to a SRPD stating that another male made threats to kill him. And had killed another woman.

An investigation into these claims is on going.

No names are being released at this time.