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Press Release: Club Shooting

On Dec. 30th at approx. 5:15pm, an Officer from the Santa Ramona Police Department went into The Black Thorn Host Club with a man he had been questioning. The man worked there and needed to collect his gun permit to show the Officer.

As the Officer entered the premises there were several persons with guns out including a shotgun. Multiple shots were fired. The Officer drew his own weapon and ordered they drop the guns.

Instead of complying a woman on scene then pulled out a revolver and discharges shots at one of the males. Fearing for his life and those of the other people present, the Officer fired his weapon discharging two shots at the woman. As he aimed for her abdominal level so as to make a stopping shot not a fatal one, another male on scene, believe have been the woman's brother made a dive to tackle her he got in the way of the shot and was hit. The man was wearing a flack vest under his clothing so the wound was not serious. The Chief arrived on the scene to provide assistance and EMS were called to aid the wounded. Several people were taken to SRHG. All survived.

The officer involved is a relatively new member of the department, but has years of experience of Law Enforcement in New Orleans. His name is being withheld at this time.

At the time of printing the Officer is under an Internal Affairs Investigation with SRV Court as per normal procedure in these situations and is on restricted duties. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.