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H&C logistic Incorporated (HCLI) hiring

H&C logistic Incorporated (HCLI) is a multinational corporation involved with shipping, logistics, and the arms trade. The Company is moving a branch of their operations to Santa Ramona Valley! Are you an Operator? A criminal looking for a more legitimate but even more lucrative life style? We might just be the team for you!

Now Hiring - executives, corporate spies, prior military and LEO, technology majors, scientists and academics

Ability to adapt to surroundings is a must. May be expected to don military type gear, business casual, or formal wear all in a day's work.

((OOC- We are a neutral organization that heavily encourages white collar crime, corruption and political maneuvering. We want to be a catalyst behind conflict and business for the sim. Driving major and minor plot lines with an air of mystery and intrigue))