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Snow Ball Silent Auction Results

Thank you all who participated. Almost $24,000 was raised. Below is a list of the winners.

Win a date with Anna Berg: $200 to Jasper Cross

VIP Membership at Black Thorn Club $600 to Jasper Cross

Diving Lesson: $150 to Angelyna Bennett

A Christmas Story: $200 to Azariah Brentt

Take Control with Eve: $200 to Allie Brentt

Ghost Hunt or Reading with Jasper: $400 to Lakeisha Andrews

Dinner & Lingerie: $1000 to Frank Castle

Massage Therapy: $1000 to Frank Castle & $500 to Victor Rolakov

Finger Bang Salon: $250 to Rhi Dahl & $60 to Eve Stone

Dinner with the Gov: $5001 to Kasandra

Dinner with the Mayor: $2000 to Lillian Llewellyn