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Mayor Castle Shows Off

Last night at Wolfe's "TGIMFF Wet Tee Shirt" event folks let down more than their hair. patrons were greeted by a giant water spraying unicorn. Notable local celebrities were there including Governor Stone (no surprise since his wife owns Wolfe's,) Chief Sarina Jade, Jasper Cross from the hit TV show Paranormal Investigations, Sophia Castle the renown violinist along with her father the infamous Mayor Castle.

While there are rumors of Mrs Stone being up on the bar all reports have her staying full dressed. The same cannot be said of Mayor Castle. Apparently at the urging of several people the Mayor not only let himself get soaked for the wet tee shirt contest but "stripped down to his tightie whites. Then for a few moments even dropped those" witnesses claim. The female patrons, who preferred to remain nameless, were "suitably impressed especially given how cold the water was." Many patrons were wearing clothing that became transparent or nearly so when wet but there is only one other report of anyone getting naked, an unnamed "smoking hot" curvy brunette.