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Haunted hang Out

Elaine Giles and Rich Preston are your average SRV teenagers. So it isn't much of a surprise they snuck out to hang out together despite Elaine being grounded. "It was a totally unfair grounding. I paid my little brother to do my chores so he should get grounded for them not getting done not me" the fifteen year old Elaine said. Fair or not the grounded Elaine snuck out of the house and headed off to the hiking trails with Rich at about eight pm last night.

The two were headed to look out point. "Make out point is more like it" said Rich. "I had just gotten my hand on her boob when she started screaming." Elaine wasn't screaming about the inappropriate touching. "There was this old dude, like really oldy time dude standing there. He had one of those curved pick axes and he was coming at us." Rich apparently saw something similar "This rough looking guy was carrying a sack like he was going to throw it off the cliff or something."

Both teenagers took off running and were found safe early this morning by Elaine's father. "She's grounded until Spring of 2020 but yeah they are safe. Those trails aren't safe, kids should know that." Look out point was recently in the news when the blood of Sara Howley was found there. According to historical records multiple deaths have occurred in that area. The trail was originally used by gold miners working in the hills and was made a regional trail in 1977.