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Press Release: Looking for Witness

On November 9th a young reporter from the Chronicles Sara Howley went missing. On November 16th Ms Howley's body was found by Police during a search operation.

"We found the body on a small sea ledge off the cliffs over on the trails. We had to call out our colleagues in the coast guard to assist in the retrieval" says Lieutenant Brentt of Santa Ramona Police Dept.

"The body was positively identified on scene as that of Sara Howley, who was reported missing on 11th November. We were investigating Ms Howley's disappearance and acting on some assistance provided by the DA we went to the trails to search. It was during that search that the body was found. At this point we are treating the death as Homicide.We are keen to get to the bottom of what happened to Ms Howley and are appealing for anyone who might of been on the trails on the evening of November 9th or anyone with any information that might be useful to our investigation to come forward" Lt Brentt said.

Those with any information are urged to call the PD on their non emergency number as soon as possible.

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