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Why You Should Care About the Upcoming Race for Mayor

Politics are polarizing. Anyone that has ever experienced a race for a political seat, any seat from presidency to city council, knows you have 2 choices; pick a corner of the ring or turn off the fight and make no bets.

The upcoming Mayoral race for Santa Ramona Valley is no different, two candidates will go toe to toe for your votes. So, what makes this race something to pay attention to?

Frank Castle.

Castle is not an unknown face to the local SRV Chronicles or at the local PD. He has been featured in several articles, including one titled “Frank’s Fury” which highlights a case against Castle for the beating of local, Zen Charisma. During the trial, the article states that Castle was quoted threatening the District Attorney Evelyna Stone, “I will open a fucking Pandora’s box for you, Eve, I swear I will....”

The threat was held to when Castle attacked DA Stone by choke hold and further threatened, “My new friend will help me with it… oh by the way Eve... Theo says hi.” Possibly linking Theo Courvosier, who escaped custody while on trial for the brutal kidnapping, assault and rape of multiple Santa Ramona Valley citizens. At the time Courvosier was on the run, but has since been apprehended after attacking Governor Stone and his wife at their residence.

The Mayor’s role is defined to being able to work with local authority, the Governor, and municipalities to create a budget, improve citizens way of life and stand up for their safety and right of speech.

This stands in sharp contrast to Frank Castle’s own admission to being connected to criminal Theo Courvosier, choking local DA Stone in public court and being put under arrest.

Are we being asked to believe the underbelly connections and physical violence stops there?

Santa Ramona has been stretched to the limit with the crime, stalking and even murder cases as of late. Do we really need a Mayor that uses public violence and connects himself to SRV’s Most Wanted fugitive?

Politics might not be your thing, but don’t let the bully Castle run your city.