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The Santa Ramona Police Dept and looking for a few volunteers to help them with some training exercises they have coming up. No experience needed and all instructions will be given on the day. Any interested should contact Lt Azariah Brentt (uaay)for information. Moderate payments might be possible....those interested call Lt Brentt SRPD


This Halloween Season every Trick deserves a Treat. Whether it's skeletons looking for a hot place to stick their bones, Or superheros looking for some red Kryptonite to unleash their naughty side, For a Devilishly good time call (555)555-6969 and ask for Scarlett. ((IM Scarlett Blaze or Catori Bennet))


Happy Pixels Photography is open and available for all your photography needs. We do wedding photos, baby pics, fashion shoots and even passport photos. Call Sara (Bethann.Causten) at 555-224-4212 or stop by. We are located at the corner of Imperial and El Camino.

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Police Press Release:

Press Release on OIS On the afternoon of April 18th SRPD Officers went to serve an arrest warrant on a suspect who had previously threaten the peace and safety of the city, with grenades that later tu

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