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This Week's Parties

Santa Ramona Valley is a hotbed of entertainment possibilities. Here are some excerpts from this last week.

Pizza and a Pool

Did you know you can get free pizza any Tuesday night? That's right. Every Tuesday night Tito's Pizza sponsors a pizza night. The location changes, but the pizza and the good times are a regular thing. This week Tito's Tuesday was at the recently opened SRV Community Pool. While the event was sparsely attended everyone had a great time. The veggie pizza was loaded and delicious. The other styles were going just as fast. According to Jordan, the owner of the local Tito's Pizza, the event will be at the pool again this week.

Creative Clothing

Friday night patrons at Wolfe's Tavern were showing off their creativity with the "Anything But Clothes" [ABC] theme. There were newspaper dresses, what we hope was de-thorned rose vines, ribbons, cardboard and lots of pumpkins. DJ Cas had the party hopping, while the bar had a special on Jolly Rancher shots.

Rainbow Celebrations

The Foxhole opened their doors this Saturday for an all-inclusive dance. Outfits ran the gambit from rainbow dresses to tiny scraps of leather. The one common theme was that everyone was accepted for who they are. Notables in attendance were Catori Bennet, of the Madame's Vault, Kido and Kristian Fox, owners of the Foxhole, and adult film star Vandella la Ta'vak