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Statement to the Press: Regarding the invasion and hostage situation at Alley Cats

Saturday, September 29th, Santa Ramona Valley Police Department received a call that they found to originate from Alley Cats, the burlesque club in Chinatown. The call was initially classed as a check in, as the caller did not speak. Another call came in as police were arriving and the call stated that there was a man with a gun, raping someone. The doors were locked to the club and there was no answer to the police’s request to gain entry. The police heard a gunshot and used force to enter the club and began a multi area sweep of the building, during which time they heard another gunshot. Upon entering a part of the club, they witnessed several people wounded and bleeding, and a male with a gun. Chief Sarina Jade and other officers ordered the gun to be dropped. Instead the suspect moved the gun to point at the head of an undisclosed victim of the hostage/active shooter situation. Chief Jade discharged her weapon twice into the suspect and he was pronounced dead at the scene. At this time we are not releasing details to the names of the victims or suspect, as we have an ongoing criminal investigation and an Internal Affairs investigation. IA investigations are standard when a police officer uses force that results in a shooting. We have no other suspects in custody to the events that happened in Alley Cats. We have no charges against any of the police officers involved in the incident. The DA’s office will inform the press of the outcome of the IA investigation when completed and the SRV PD will continue to keep the citizens appraised of the situation in regard to the crimes committed at Alley Cats.