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Are you safe in your own home?

Your own home should be safe.

This is a universal idea, shared by many, including many Santa Ramona citizen. Including Sara Howley. This idea was shattered when she spotted a masked intruder in her home recently.

“I saw his reflection in the glass.” Howley described, “demon mask but with only one horn. And it wasn't red, it was like grays and browns, full and wrinkly, almost like a foo dog.” Howley had recently returned home to her apartment after a walk with her puppy, Bringle, when the attack took place. She described the horrific event as both random and bizarre, on top of terrifying. “He had a knife and it was against my throat almost immediately. He kept calling me Rapunzel and had a script page he wanted me to read. He was really into it.” The script was described as a scene from a Vampire TV series, created for a teenage audience; the male character promising his female counterpart ‘forever’ before allowing himself to be killed. As Howley put it, “It wasn't a Disney script.” The masked intruder, believed to be in connection with Domini Daylight’s kidnapping and assault, was described as taller than Howley and with a tuft of hair on his chin, visible past the mask, and likely Asian based on the language he was shouting. Howley fought back, and although in rough condition, it might have saved her from a fate similar to Daylight’s, or worse. “I kicked him, I fell when he stabbed me the first time.” Howley said when describing her attempt to disarm the intruder.

“We sort of wrestled on the floor, I was trying to get away, just to get away from him. I ended up on my back. He shoved the knife into my stomach and just held it as I struggled, like I was a specimen he was trying to pin down. He let go of the knife though. I pulled it out. But then he was banging my head against the floor.” Howley, despite her injuries, continued to fight and managed to put a dinner fork into the intruder’s neck before police arrived on the scene, called by a neighbor in the apartment complex who overheard the sounds of the fight. Police were unable to apprehend the intruder and it is unclear how and when the man escaped as Howley was unconscious and badly injured. It is possible, the intruder is still at large. What is clear, is Howley’s message “to other women that even your own home is not safe.” Be vigilant. Be aware. Your own homes might be unsafe, Santa Ramonians.

The city has a darker shadow as of late.

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