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Escaped Fugitive is in Custody after Gunfire with the Governor

A residential address on Pacific Avenue was the scene of a late night shooting this past Wednesday. Police were called to the scene, along with EMS arriving after a female caller dialed 911. Officers at the time, reportedly, were chasing a wanted criminal, who managed to find his way into the home of District Attorney, Evelyna Stone and her husband, Governor Jay Stone. A source states that the scene was "...bloody. The male suspect lay collapsed on the floor and looked pretty beat up. He was suffering from a concussion and broken rib, among other broken bones." The source went on to state Governor Stone was shot in the right arm and Officers had apparently arrived after the suspect had been subdued by what appeared to be a physical struggle. The suspect, confirmed as Theo Courvoisier, escaped Santa Ramona Police custody during a courthouse procedure in early July. He has been at large for nearly 3 months, facing accusations of kidnapping and torturing multiple Santa Ramona citizens. Governor Stone later spoke on the harrowing event, "My wife and I were upstairs when we heard glass shattering downstairs. I went downstairs with my home protection in hand, a shotgun, and saw a man standing in the house wearing a biker suit and a helmet.” “He started firing at me and threatening my wife, saying he was going rape her after he killed me. And I realized it was Theo.” Governor Stone went on to say, “He opened fire on me, getting my arm. I waited until there was a break and charged him, knocked him to the ground, and ensured he wouldn't be getting up again to threaten us while my wife called 911.” When asked how Courvoisier had located the residence, Governor Stone guessed that it had to with the home being the Historic Governor’s home, well known in Santa Ramona. “The fugitive is a dangerous man, I have no doubt he's been watching and waiting for a time to seek revenge.” This revenge is driven from Courvoisier’s arrest after the alleged rape and stalking of DA Stone, among other victims. “That's probably why he stayed in town, for revenge. He's not the sharpest tool in the box.” The Governor speculated on why Courvoisier had not fled the city. Governor Stone assured that his arm is healing, and he is good condition. "Mrs. Stone is simply glad he's currently caught and no longer wandering the streets putting our citizens in danger. It will take some time to recover from for both of us, mentally, but we're survivors and will get through this." Santa Ramona Police Department were unwilling to go into detail as the investigation is active, but did issue the following statement, “Theo Courvoisier is indeed, in custody. The DA and the Governor used their constitutional right to defend their home.”