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Narcotic Advisory Level Raises to… Pink?

A new strain of drug product has been making the rounds in the city of Santa Ramona.

The pink narcotic substance is crushed into a powder and has been discovered on several people who were suffering from physical injuries and needed EMS or were the victims of a violent assault. A source, who was on location during a 33-year-old male's cardiac arrest, described how the drug was found on the patient whom was suffering from an apparent opiate overdose in which the secondary outcome saw him sent into cardiac arrest. On his person there appeared to be various pills in his pocket, along with the pink powdered substance in a baggy. This Friday, another baggy of the same corresponding substance was found at the scene of a violent assault on a woman in her home. Chief Sarina Jade of the Santa Ramona Police Department said their lab is still analyzing the pink substance and thus far, is not related to anything the lab has seen before. With the on-going investigation, Chief Jade believes the narcotic to be a new “designer drug” and is calling for any information or personal dealings with the substance to be reported at the SRPD station or by through 911.