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A Stalker Among Us

This week a young woman, missing for a month, was found alive by Santa Ramona Police and a Fire Department member in a run down trailer off the Dusty Trails road, located in an area of the city which leads out to hills, a forest of Redwoods and various trails.

The young woman has been identified as Ms. Domini Daylight, AKA Snow, a nineteen year old student at Santa Ramona college, according to an anonymous source.

See reference article here.

The anonymous source revealed that Ms. Daylight was found chained to a bed in one of the rooms of the trailer, looking malnourished and with various cuts on her body, with one major cut along her thigh.

Ms. Daylight was also reported to be suffering from a broken rib and several abrasions, yet it appeared that Ms. Daylight had not been sexually assaulted.

According to the anonymous source; in the very same room where the woman had apparently been held captive there appeared to be a board with many various photographs of different women, candles and dolls strewn around in what seemed to resemble a shrine.

Several pictures were close-ups of the women, some of whom may also have been victims of the male suspect, now believed to be behind Ms. Daylight's abduction and captivity.

When reached for comment, Lieutenant Azariah Brentt of the Santa Ramona Police Department said, "At this time we believe the suspect is also responsible for some other crimes in the area. We were unable to apprehend him at the scene, units were dispatched, but he took off and has gone to ground."

The anonymous source went on to say that the suspect is believed to be Japanese and still at large. He appears to be targeting women only.

This belief was confirmed by Lieutenant Brentt, "We are looking for a tall, Asian man, in his 20's to 30's, with black or dark hair, although he may possibly be wearing some kind of light wig. He may possibly be armed and is almost certainly dangerous."

The investigation is on-going. In the mean time, police and emergency personnel are warning citizens to remain vigilant.

"Public are advised not to approach if they see him, but call 911 immediately." Lieutenant Brentt warned, "Don't meet up with strangers, always tell someone where [you] are going. If in doubt, or notice anything suspicious, call 911."