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Frank's Fury

There are a few forms of arguing: passive, persuasive, loudly vocal and physical. Frank Castle favors the last.

On the evening of Monday September 18, 2018, Mr. Castle was in Santa Ramona Valley Court to try and defend himself. The courtroom was sparsely attended with the Judge, District Attorney, Mr. Castle, Bailiff Rusty, Court Reporter Jeanette and this reporter; present at the start of the event.

“Frank Castle is charged with aggravated battery, your honor” District Attorney Stone began at the request of Judge Gil T Justice. The case stems from the August 17, 2018 beating of local, Zen Charisma, at Creamy Center Cafe.

Mr. Castle announced to the court he was not guilty. However, that would not be Mr. Castle’s final announcement of the evening.

DA Stone presented the state’s evidence politely and succinctly “Mr. Castle walked into the cafe, kicked the victim without provocation and then beat him with brass knuckles. This was corroborated by John Morpork, Chief of the Fire Department, the victim himself, and a video. There was also some discussions that the victim was to tear down mayoral candidate posters, but had failed to do so properly." A USB drive, reported to have the video footage on it, was presented to the court.

Mr. Castle’s rebuttal was far less polite “Fucking lie, Zen is a fucking commie who wanted to sabotage the election by taking down posters of a candidate that Castle foundation supported. Him and his fucking dog... and now you, Eve.” His rage was not only directed at the victim of the crime he is accused of, but at the District Attorney herself. Mr. Castle continued in what would be his undoing. “I've just done what had to be done. Beat up the fucking commie who does not believe in democracy and principal of the great United States of America!”

This should have been the end of the case. As DA Stone summarized “the state has nothing more to present. The facts, evidence and now Mr. Castle's admission is all we need to rest.” Mr. Castle was offered a chance to present extenuating circumstances to the court; instead he chose to attack DA Stone, first verbally then physically. “I will open a fucking Pandora’s box for you, Eve, I swear I will....” He said before wrapping his hands around DA Stone's throat.

As Mr. Castle began choking the DA he threatened her her “Listen to me you little twat, you won't put me behind the bars so easily not without blood for sure.”

Judge Justice ran for his chambers, the turning of the lock audible throughout the courtroom. Bailiff Rusty headed in to stop the trouble but far too slowly. It was at this point the new Mayor Ren Aquila and his wife arrived.

Mr. Castle then admitted to knowing the wanted fugitive, Theo Courvosier. “I will burn you down, I will rip apart your bar and your life and you know what is the best about it? My new friend will help me with it..." Who is Mr. Castle's new friend? " ... oh by the way Eve... Theo says hi.”

Theo Courvosier escaped custody while on trial for the brutal kidnapping, assault and rape of multiple Santa Ramona Valley citizens. A reward of $20,000 is currently being offered for information leading to his arrest.

DA Stone was able to break herself free of Mr. Castle’s grip and the courtroom as Mr. Castle turned his threats of violence on this reporter. “Put that fucking camera down or I will smash that shit on your head.” Mayor Aquila attempted to reason with Mr. Castle. “You need to calm it down a peg or you're not going to see the light of day again for a long long time. There's no winning here, all you're doing is making things worse for yourself.” Mrs. Aquila at one point took off her shoe to apparently use as a weapon against Mr. Castle.