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Runaway Mayor

Evelyn Stone, the District Attorney for Santa Ramona Valley had cleared tonight's court docket for one, and only one hearing.

"The prosecution has nothing. The docket was cleared for Aria de Saragosa to continue her case yet again and against the state's recommendation, it was sanctioned by judge Justice. And now the mayor has decided to escape to Mexico and leave her responsibility to this city and her charges." DA Stone said.

The courts decided to flag Mayor de Saragosa's records and will pursue a bench warrant if she is spotted in the area.

"I feel like we will flag her file and if she shows back up in town, seek action at that time. She has certainly wasted enough of the taxpayers money." DA Stone continued, "I can give you a run down of the multiple charges against our Mayor if you'd like?

"Intimidation, threats, assault, robbery... I think the DUI was settled, so we can glaze over that" finished DA Stone.

A scan of the official records found at least one open felony robbery, one aggravated assault and one battery charge against Mayo de Saragosa

The question now is who is running the city?