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Santa Ramona Police Department are asking for your help with a missing person case they are investigating.

On Wednesday, 1st of August this year, the SRPD were given an audio recording that was left on the phone of the boyfriend of Ms. Domi Daylight, aka Snow.

Lieutenant Azariah Brentt of SRPD said “The recording appeared to be of Ms. Daylight, who had been going to a photo shoot for a modeling job she had been offered. There was screaming and crying in the background and Ms. Daylight appeared to sound distressed.”

Ms. Daylight is described as 19 years of age, white, with black hair, of average height. It is believed she was a student of Santa Ramona University.

Police are deeply troubled by the recording and concerned for Ms. Daylight's safety.

The Chronicles was informed that on 8th of August, the decision was made to treat the matter as a possible kidnapping. Since then, interviews and investigations have been conducted but at present have yielded very little information as to Ms. Daylight's whereabouts.

“On 9th of September we obtained a short film clip that served to confirm our suspicion that Ms. Daylight is being help captive. Its very disturbing footage, which proves that Ms. Daylight is clearly being held against her will. There is a male present, although he does not appear in the camera shot, his voice can be clearly heard.

"Within hours of receiving this recording we were handed a poem, written we presume by the captor, and a Polaroid photograph that had been sent anonymously to the Chronicles” confirmed Lieutenant Brentt.

“Clearly there is a pressing need to locate Ms. Daylight and we are appealing to anyone with any information to come forward and contact SRPD either on 911 or our non emergency line as soon as possible”

- Lt. Brentt, Santa Ramona Police Dept.

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