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A Missing Aztec Artifact

How are the British Museum, the Aztec Empire and Santa Ramona Valley tied together? Possibly by a missing $600,000 theft.

On June 17, 2018 a traveling exhibit from the British Museum as robbed in New York. One of the items taken was a ancient coatl called the Jaded Serpant. "The Coatl is an Aztec soldier's ceremonial breastplate. It has two heads that are tied up by a tail" according to Eduardo Ignacio Suarez Romero, a member of the Obsidian Serpents. "The Obsidian Serpents are descended from Aztecs, both genetically and culturally."

The small (8 inch x 17 inch x 2 inch) "is made of cedro wood and covered with mosaic made of turquoise and red thorny oyster shell." Mr. Romero believe that the thief fled New York and is currently hiding in Santa Ramona Valley. Mr. Romero is the same person who is rumored to have started shooting at the Hotel Cortez sign last weekend because it celebrated the man who conquered the Aztec Nation.

(Image courtesy of the British Museum)