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A Brush with Chaos

On Saturday, August 11th a hooded figure stalked a young woman through town. When the pair reached the vacant parking spots across from the church the hooded figure attacked.

The attacker, known as the Chaos Killer, tried to jab the woman with a needle. The victim used her camera flash as a distraction but it was sheer luck that the attacker stumbled. The fact that heroin would be found in the attacker's system probably helped that stumble, giving the victim a chance to fight back. The Chaos Killer grabbed the woman's hair, coming at her with a knife. "Ended up with three stitches but one of my swings connected and I pushed. He let go of my hair when he fell backwards. I took off running and screaming.” Said the victim. Her screams alerted Santa Ramona Police Chief, Sarina Jade, who arrested the hooded figure. The three stitches the young woman received were nothing compared to what had happened to the Chaos Killer’s previous victims. A few weeks earlier, the assailant sent a taunting letter to the Santa Ramona Chronicle. That letter was turned over to the police.

The hooded figure was discovered to be Jade Aura, a long time resident of Santa Ramona Valley and manager of Tito’s Pizza. Aura has confessed to the murder of three people. "Yes, that would technically make her a serial killer. And yes, she confessed to being the Chaos Killer“ says Chief Jade. t is believed that less than 10% of serial killers are female. Aura is now currently facing multiple life sentences.