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$20,000 Reward Offered

As the search for Theo Courvoisier continues police have decided to offer a $20,000 reward for viable information that leads to the apprehension of the man, accused of kidnapping and torturing multiple Santa Ramona citizens.

Courvoisier escaped custody during his trial after the judge ordered a courtroom window open. The air conditioning had gone out in the courtroom and the judge was sweating.

Chief of Police, Sarina Jade, relayed the wanted posters all over town have been ineffectual. "They were getting vandalized which leads me to believe he's still in the area." Cheif Jade believes that Courvoisier has associates aiding his evasion of the police. "He's a smart man or he wouldn't have been able to remain free for so long. He should know that we are going to find him."

Jade added "And his friends should know that our next step, if this doesn't yield results, is to start getting warrants for all his known associates. Unless they want us breathing down their neck, they'd better turn him over to us now. Cause those warrants will be no knock warrants."

Citizen should remember that Couroisier is considered extremely dangerous. Anyone with information should call the Santa Ramona Valley police Department. If spotted directly, dial 911.