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Alice's Rabbit Hole All Grown Up

Today marked the grand opening of The Foxhole. It is Santa Ramona Valley's first LGBTQ bar and dance club. The outside brick facade is nothing to really look at but once you pass under the flashing sign be prepared to see it all. Inside the garishly decorated rooms the waitstaff is wearing the bare minimum but are very attentive. The drinks served were good and strong. The club will not serve meals but will have bar snacks available.

The club colors of purple, teal and dark blue are prominent throughout. Each represents one of the owners Kido, Gin and Kristian Fox. The walls are covered with explicit photographs. The front room is where the bar and dance floor are located. Behind them, through a set of windowed doors is the 'private' kink area. Here the walls also have racks of whips, floggers and assorted insert-able devices.

The final area of the club is the most lovely. A romantic rooftop deck

overlooking the ocean. The 'walls' of this area are large potted plants and the ceiling open to the stars. It boasts a private bar and a hot tub. This area, as with the entire club, is available for private parties.

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