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The Weekend Wrap

Welcome to the first of our weekly quick wrap ups of the parties and social gossip which abound in Santa Ramona Valley each weekend. Feel free to drop pictures, ideas and reviews of the social events you attend just in case we couldn't make it in the door. If you are planning an event we should know about be sure to drop us a line at the newspaper offices.


This weekend saw a grand openings and pairing celebration. The first was the opening of Just Dance. The exclusive, invite only, event was held Saturday evening at the new Pole Dance Studio located on High Street. Guests dressed to impress before walking the red carpet into the studio. According to the available materials the studio will offer classes for all levels of fitness along with a juice bar.


Next was the Wine and Dine at the Reel Club on Sunday afternoon.

This event paired the high end seafood restaurant's food with The Grapevine's choice vintage wine pairings. Local celebrities; Chief of Police, Sarina Jade and Governor Stone were in attendance. Rumor has it the Pinot was wonderful. The Reel Club and Grapevine are not only related by business, "the businesses have different owners, but they are sisters, actually” according to Reel Club manager, Mark Coletti.


Be sure to check us out next week to read about the opening of the Foxhole, Santa Ramona's new LGBT Dance and Kink Club set to open Saturday, September 1.

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