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Construction Projects Abound in Santa Ramona

With the new mayor in office, many transitions could be coming to Santa Ramona Valley. The citizens are waiting to find out whether these changes they will benefit or hinder their current lifestyles. However, the city’s real estate is not waiting. Construction projects are being pushed to the forefront on several local builds. The largest and most expensive of which considers a full re-model of Santa Ramona General Hospital. "The cost of the hospital build was subsidized by the state due to the fact the infrastructure of the previous build needed serious modernization, the cost of repairs would have cost as much as a new hospital." Governor Jay Stone said when asked on the reasons for the update.

Locally-owned Rousseau’s Construction Company is taking on the Goliath project with expectations of completion by October of this year. "[We’re] really proud to rebuild Santa Ramona General Hospital, a medical establishment that serves the community well and which employs top medical staff. We are very confident the new build will be a welcome change and improvement.” Dimitri Rousseau, co-owner and contractor of the company stated. Governor Stone backed this statement with his own, "The total cost of the build will be 4 million, but promises the citizens of the valley a state of the art facility." This follows closely on the heels of Rousseau’s Construction Company’s work on Mayor Aria de Saragosa’s new restaurant, "We're happy to announce the opening of the very first El Toro Loco Mexican restaurant with hopes of other chains opening up later.” De Saragosa said.