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Meet Mayoral Candidate: Maris Patel

Maris Patel plans to bring her adventurous lifestyle, along with some major shifts in ideals to the race for Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley coming Wednesday, August 8. Patel, an India native, spent most of her childhood in London, England and has hence lived in Australia, Dublin and many more countries. She is well-traveled and far from a settled life, “I'm more suited for an exciting life than a stable one. A stable life would just make me unhappy.” In tandem with the longing for adventure, Patel is not shy of change; promoting some radical shifts to the everyday life of Santa Ramona citizens, “I want to bring left-wing politics and socialism, and some elements of communism, to the core and to be normalized within society.” Patel said, stressing, “if I do get elected mayor, there will be some big changes to happen around town.” When asked specifics on how Patel plans to steer the city toward a socialist one, she said she would start with, "A 50% corporation tax on the biggest 15% of businesses, a 98% income tax on the top 20% of earners, a 75% income tax on the top 40% of earners.” Patel explained this “helps as it means that we have more money for public services, to help more disadvantaged people within Santa Ramona. As well as help people who have become homeless or are suffering from addiction and mental health problems.” Patel might be the only candidate without a poster covering the Santa Ramona street corners, but she is unconcerned with what she considers a popularity show. “It's about ideas. All I've done is put forward my ideas to you. If the voters like them, cool. If they don't, that's democracy. I'm not diluting stuff to try and appeal to people, that's not how I work.” Bold and ready for major changes, is Maris Patel our next Santa Ramona Valley mayor? Your vote will determine this! Vote Wednesday, August 8.