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Meet Mayoral Candidate: Ren Aquila

Ren Aquila brings a calm and confident resolve, plus a whole lot of charm to the race for Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley coming Wednesday, August 8. Hailing from New York City, Aquila currently serves as a private practice defense attorney in SRV. He has been known to argue on behalf of the accused in some of the biggest court trials the city has seen. This includes the defense of Theo Courvoisier, charged on multiple counts of kidnapping, rape, torture and assault. Courvoisier is currently escaped from SRPD and at large. Aquila assures he is no Marsha Clarke though, “High paid snobs that try to get murderers off the hook. That's never how I saw it. It was giving people a chance to prove their innocence or finding a way to work within the system to get people the help they needed.” Aquila is no stranger to political office but has grown up within a a household immersed in office positions on both sides of his family. His father was a sitting judge for more than twenty years and currently has retired to his private law practice to let his son take the political spotlight. With that background, Aquila is more than ready to bring to the mayoral seat a long-standing tradition of giving back. “I'd like to look back in fifty or sixty years and see not just achievements but the people I've helped and have helped me along the way.” Aquila said, going on to explain that he see’s growing up in this modern age as a threat to the lifted ego, “Concerned with tweets, Facebook posts, likes, dislikes, an endless parade of selfies. I'm afraid of leading a life like that and looking back only to see that it only mattered to oneself and that nobody would have known you existed your good deeds and your will all gone. A poof of meaningless digital smoke." Aquila is set to take on his opponents in next Wednesday’s vote, but his main goal has been to get his own message out to the city including the emphasis in his plan on small business and the current employment rate. Is Ren Aquila to be our next Santa Ramona Valley mayor? Your vote will determine this! Vote Wednesday, August 8.