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Meet Mayoral Candidate: Aria de Saragosa

Aria de Saragosa is no stranger to our paper’s headlines as of late. But on Wednesday, August 8, it will be no day in court that she faces, but the city’s majority vote in race for Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley. “I'm tired to seeing people suffer.” De Saragosa said, quick to stand at the people’s side and urge changes to come should she be elected Mayor, “We can do better. We will march for $15 wage. We will march for equality. Free medicare for all. Equal treatment. Fair policing. These are the changes." De Saragosa is no stranger to a city of changes and turmoil, hailing from Chiapas, Mexico, known to some as XXX. De Saragosa explained her hometown, where some of her family still resides, as both beautiful and dangerous, “It is understandable why someone who live[s] there might want to come to Estados Unidos. Life is better here. Safer." De Saragosa’s goal has always been to create a new start in America, a place that has given her so much in the way of opportunity and progress. She believes it is her turn to return the favor as a Mayor for the people, with the motherly approach of tough love, "I take the side of what is right, not what is popular. I am for the people, but I do not fold to their every whim. I love them and I care for them." And like a mother, or big sister, de Saragosa promises to be seen and heard, “The mayor is the defender or every person in this city. It is not good to be calm all of the time. Sometimes, the people demand action. They demand a voice. I will not be the kind of mayor that hides in her office. I will go out in the streets among the voters and stand beside them for change." We have seen much of Aria de Saragosa the past month, but will we see her as our next Santa Ramona Valley mayor? Your vote will determine this! Vote Wednesday, August 8.