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Fun run supports police recruitment

Mother Nature seems to have made way for a run for Santa Ramona's police recruitment efforts after all. Despite intermittent rain, the storms broke Saturday in time for the Santa Ramona Police Department Social Club Fun Run. Taking off from Full Moon Beach, runners made their way through city streets, winding up behind Santa Ramona University. The run, organized by the SRPD Social Club, was intended as both a fundraiser and an awareness project for the police service. The SRPD is currently in the midst of a significant recruitment drive. "It's very important that people see us out in the streets not only in times of distress, but also having fun and supporting the community," said Sgt. Azariah Brentt, the run's organizer. "We don't want our boys and girls in black to be seen as people who only appear when the going gets tough," he said. Rhialla Milenko placed first after a very close finish and received a gold trophy for her efforts, but all runners received medals. Hydration stations were placed along the race route to prevent overheating in the hot, humid weather.

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