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Officer critical, Novak charged in stabbing

A Santa Ramona police officer suffered life-threatening stab wounds Sunday afternoon as police nabbed a woman they say is an infamous accused organ trafficker. Police said the suspect arrested after a bloody incident at Creamy Centers Cafe around noon is Lilith Novak. She is charged with attempted murder of a police officer. Novak, the subject of an ongoing manhunt by Santa Ramona police, was already wanted on charges of organ trafficking and rape. "We were responding to the scene of off-duty officers attempting to arrest someone who was trying to steal their car. Then the suspect showed up," said Staff Sgt. Marky Mark. "Sadly, the officer who is on their way to the hospital was her victim. The officer attempted to apprehend the suspect but was stabbed in the process." The officer was listed in life-threatening condition as of press time. EMTs could be seen treating two women and a man as a crowd gathered outside Creamy Centers Cafe at West Point and Imperial Blvd to observe the bloody scene. One of the women, who appeared to be Novak, was escorted from the scene by police and medical personnel, and the other two by EMTs. Much of the intersection was cordoned off as part of the investigation. A white Ford Mustang and an older brown muscle car could be seen behind the police line as officers secured the scene. Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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