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Bedeviled Beach: Violence Continues

The body of a female victim of an apparent homicide was discovered in the nude district of Santa Ramona public beach alongside Pacific Avenue.

A passer-by discovered the victim laying on a beach lounger, deceased. Emergency services and authorities were alerted and arrived promptly on scene. The victim, currently a Jane Doe, was was found naked in a pool of blood with clear signs forced violence.

Santa Ramona PD Officer Kang-Sin, first on scene, was able to call in an ambulance while assessing the scene of the crime and helping the forensic CSI team recover the details and any possible evidence. There were no perpetrators on scene at the time of the call and currently no suspects that have been named.

"The woman had a missing left eye, a knife in her head [and] the word Chaos scrawled across her abdomen, cut into it." An anonymous source, related to the Santa Ramona Chronicles, said. "Her femoral artery [was] cut and she bled out extensively. There was a small mark on her neck, could [have] been from [a] syringe."

The anonymous source also spoke about the trend of several bodies turning up at the beach within the past few months. They referred to prior cases in which organs have been removed and victims have been dumped on the beach. The anonymous source said they believe this particular incident doesn't seem to be the same handiwork of the recently arrested organ trafficker. Allegedly believed to be Santa Ramona citizen, Lilith Novak, known as 'Red'. Red was arrested by police one month ago and faces charges ranging from grievous bodily harm, abduction and organ trafficking.

In addition, on the same section of the beach a former Santa Ramona PD officer was also found in a "barely alive" state from an attempted homicide. This occurrence taking place several months prior.

With more than one incident of violent assaults, now including one homicide, will Santa Ramona PD be stepping up surveillance of this area?

What assurances do our local officers have for members of the public during the most popular beach-going month of the year?

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