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The Night the Lights Went Out in Cali

This week’s heatwave topped out Saturday at a whopping 110 degrees. To put that in perspective, this is the temperature that can cause second degree burns for anyone attempting a barefoot walk across the parking lot or beach sand. This can be easily solved. Stay inside. Keep the A/C pumping. Santa Ramona citizens were doing just that this weekend. Perhaps so much so, that the Southern California Edison Power Company was not able to keep up, and power died Saturday evening. Jules Watt from the SCE Power Company spoke on the events leading up to the loss, “After rolling brownouts during the afternoon hours, mandated by the SCE Power Company in an attempt to save the transmission lines running power to the city, the overloaded voltage continued to increase, causing the grid to shut down.” Santa Ramona was left in darkness and without blowing A/C for the majority of the night and well into the morning. For a heat that was nearly unbearable with the A/C, without it was unacceptable. Watt is quoted as saying, “Luckily your SCE team was able to not only restore power, but do so earlier than the projected 15 hour outage. We thank you for choosing SCE for all your power needs. Not that you have a choice, but if you did, thank you for choosing us all the same.” Are Santa Ramona citizen satisfied with waiting just shy of 15 hours for their power to be returned? How many were left hearing children’s complaints and cries all night? Who will be waking up to dehydrated pets? Plus, expect trips to the grocery store from a dead fridge and spoiled food. Local business owners of restaurants and diners can expect to be re-stocking over the next days, which could cost a fair penny for those serving fresh food daily. Should we expect more from our power company on the hottest day of the year? We want to know what you think. Email us at [ IC: leave notecard to devyn.brim ]

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