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Treating With the Heat

Amidst the current severe heat warning, one of SRV's fine doctors has found it important to share the following with the public:

'Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are real dangers with temperatures currently soaring over 90°F. Last year the heat wave that hit California was blamed for at least six deaths, which is tragic considering that they were all preventable. So look after yourself and also keep an eye out for friends and family that may be vulnerable too, especially the elderly or people you know are isolated.

Watch out for fatigue, nausea, and confusion and make sure you hydrate often, as hot weather makes you lose fluids faster, and you may not notice as sweat evaporates too quickly. Headaches, fainting and abdominal cramping, are also things to look out for, and if hydration and other cooling measures (ice towels, cold showers, removal of tight clothing) do not provide relief within fifteen minutes, seek emergency medical help.

Following a few simple steps can make a big difference:

Drink more water Never leave anyone in a car, including pets Stay somewhere cool Keep up to date with weather forecasts and plan ahead Check in on others

If you are worried that you or someone else may be suffering from a heat related illness, speak to your health care professional, or in an emergency call 911.'

Dr. Evans is a trauma surgeon and ER physician working at the Santa Ramona General Hospital.