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City Calls Press Conference to Tell Public Nothing

In an event that might as well have been a printed press release, Santa Ramona ADA Aquilah Rau held a press conference on the steps of City Hall at midday on Saturday 16th June 2018. Speaking on the upcoming Courvoisier trial, the ADA reiterated the charges outlined during the arraignment several weeks ago, providing little additional information save for the defendant having been found mentally fit to stand trial and that the state believed a conviction to be likely.

Delivering a statement rife with platitudes about the pursuit of justice being the ultimate recourse to public safety, ADA Rau failed to offer any true reassurance of the City's future regard for the right of the public to be informed about what is taking place in their community in order to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. Instead, media and the public alike were treated to a mere conflation of public safety with commitment to the justice system - two things which do not necessarily correlate even on the best of days. This position was cemented by the fact that there was not even a ranking police official present to field questions from the media on the day.

The Assistant District Attorney was evasive about the City's habitual lack of communication with the citizens, expecting the public to be gullible enough to accept that despite the long string of charges that were rattled off, the City's hands were completely tied in communicating any information at all to the public because of legal restraints. Furthermore, despite questions by local press, she failed to give any indication as to the possible motive behind the crimes, or how victims were targeted, whilst dismissing as trivial dolts, any followers of Courvoisier's that might pose a residual threat to residents of Santa Ramona. One can only hope this will not serve to incite further crimes against the community by goading those who have already shown a propensity for violence.

The Chronicles will bring you, the readers, follow up features on this trial as the events unfold. For now, should a leaderless band of gormless, motiveless, criminals randomly select you as a target for violence, be confident that the City will inform no one until such time as it suits them. Meanwhile, should you fear for your safety, it is perhaps best to take a walk down to City Hall and bask in the glorious shadow of the building which ADA Rau described as the embodiment of justice, meant to keep all safe. By all accounts, that is indeed the pinnacle of how your expectations for safety and information shall be met.

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