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Cult Practitioner Pleads Not Guilty

After a delayed start to proceedings, Theo Courvoisier was arraigned on June 3rd, 2018, for a series of crimes reportedly related to occult activities. The prosecution, headed by ADA Aquilah Rau, has declined to offer a plea bargain due to the nature and number of charges which were read to the court as: three counts of rape, two counts of torture, four counts of kidnapping, four counts of false imprisonment, two counts of battery of a law enforcement officer, two counts of aggravated aassault and two counts of possession of narcotics.

The accused entered a plea of not guilty to all charges, while simultaneously claiming responsibility for the bombing of city hall which cost two law enforcement officials their lives as well as the recent earthquake which caused mass destruction across Santa Ramona Valley. Satan, he declared, was responsible for his actions. Lieutenant Sarina Jade of the SRPD has however commented to the Chronicles: "At this time, we consider the bombing of the station to be an active and open case. We are looking for any and all leads that lead to a suspect or more information.The Police Department will not rest until justice prevails for those who were injured and died as a result of this heinous attack on our department."

Courvoisier asserted his right to pro se representation in the upcoming criminal proceedings, however Judge Gil T. Justice who oversaw the arraingment declined to grant this request on the grounds that the accused did not appear fit to advocate on his own behalf. Judge Justice has ordered a psychiatric evaluation for the defendant who will be imprisoned at the local jail under heavy guard and 24-hour surveillance until his court date.