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For Immediate Release: 09.06.18

Santa Ramona Fire Department Condemns Smoke Signals

SRV,CA: The SRFD has condemned local cannabis store Smoke Signals as arson investigations continue in the wake of a fire on the evening of Wednesday June 6th, 2018.

The blaze destroyed store inventory and resulted in consequent water and smoke damage to the building. A window broken by firefighters to ventilate the building during the fire remains boarded up days later.

The incident was ruled arson by the Santa Ramona Fire Department and Deputy State Fire Marshal Julianna Morpork, who was on the scene late Wednesday, after officials found traces of a moltov cocktail that was thrown into the store by an unknown individual.

Deputy State Fire Marshal Morpork commented; "The fire at this time looks to be suspicious in nature, evidence has been collected and the investigation into the fire is still ongoing...the damage however was minimal and the building should be able to open shortly..."

Individuals with any information pertaining to the person or persons responsible are urged to contact the Santa Ramona Fire Department Chief John Scott Morpork (johnathan.morpork) or Deputy State Fire Marshal Julianna Morpork (rachel92.rage).

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