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A Diamond in the Rough

Earthquake reparations were handled swiftly and effectively by Santa Ramona Valley officials with the assistance of FEMA. Although some work is still being done at the local university, most citizens have had their businesses and homes restored and all seems to be back in order for the most part, including the area that took the hardest hit. This side of the city, commonly referred to as "New China Town" may already have graffiti on the faces of many of its new buildings and still has the highest crime rate, but one silver lining to the cloud is the appearance of a new family-owned business, "Rosseau's Construction Company and Supplies Store! Located on 78 Shady Street, this well-equipped business is currently hiring construction workers, laborers, electricians, and plumbers. They will also be collaborating with the Dean of SRVU to offer internships to students of engineering and mechanics.

The owners Alexia and Dimitri 'Trey' Rosseau recently relocated their family from Louisiana to Santa Ramona Valley in search of a nice community to settle in and raise the youngest of their 5 children. The warm and welcoming couple says "No job is too big or too small for Rosseau's" and they wish they'd only gotten to town soon enough to be of more help to those who suffered as a result of the earthquake. Not only do they sell and rent tools and equipment for big and small jobs, they are dedicated to community service and offer workshops and discounted services. Having been in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, both have many years of experience dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters. Particularly Mr. Rosseau who has a history, rich in emergency response experience. The former Fire Captain and Coastal Security Captain is currently a Firefighter at the local Santa Ramona Valley Fire Department and is dedicated to making the Valley a better place to live for all citizens, including his wife and children. Drop by or give them a call at (321) 555-7878. They are open for business and ready to for action!

Vicky Berry

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