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An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole Town Watch

Mysterious objects have been appearing around Santa Ramona Valley in recent times, left by an unknown group or individual for unknown reasons. These objects have been seemingly innocuous ranging from electronic tablets, to music boxes, but are hardly harmless.

As some of these items have proven dangerous, having caused bodily harm to an unconfirmed number of SRV citizens; residents and tourists alike are encouraged to refrain from handling any objects which they might encounter that seem out of place or abandoned. This is especially true for any objects which bear a symbol resembling the Eye of Providence, or the all-seeing eye as it is known colloquially.

This symbol has been associated both with Christianity and with Freemasonry in the past and has become popular with conspiracy theorists. It is meant as a reminder of the omnipresence of a divine power always observing humanity's thoughts and deeds.

It is yet unknown why a divine symbol has been chosen for association with a series of insidious acts however citizens can rest assured that the police are investigating. With Santa Ramona's finest on the case; as far as watching goes - an eye for an eye now applies.