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Fundraiser Proceeds Procure New Fire Truck

The Santa Ramona Fire Department has finally started using some of that benefit proceeds money they received a few weeks ago, courtesy of Hotel Cortez. In light of recent natural disasters and a keen look upon the history of California and the unique geological challenges the community of Santa Ramona endures, the disruption of water utilities is a real concern to the leadership inside the Santa Ramona Fire Department.

The Santa Ramona Fire Department has finalized the sale of a 2,500 gallon water tender from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, where SRFD Chief Morpork traveled to inspect the apparatus earlier this week. Completing the sale of $153,000, Chief Morpork took possession of the truck and returned to Santa Ramona this week. Still sporting Los Angeles County's markings, the truck will be repainted in the coming future once availability permits.

The truck houses a 350 horsepower engine, powering a 1000 gallon per minute pump. The truck features a 2,500 gallon polished aluminum semi-elliptical water tank, two 5-inch intakes, four 3-inch intakes, one 5-inch discharge and one 3-inch discharge. The truck also has two crosslays to be used for conventional firefighting, allowing the truck to be used for firefighting rather than just water delivery. The truck also features a 4000 gallon drop tank, allowing another truck to draft from it while the tanker runs back to refill elsewhere, allowing uninterrupted fire suppression in areas with little or no water coverage. Chief Morpork is incredibly proud of the newest acquisition and looking forward to further training his crew on the new truck in preparation for all of Sant Ramona's emergency needs.

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