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SRVU Perseveres as FEMA and City Officials Collaborate

The SRV Chronicles team was back in the field today as FEMA officials provided a guided tour of the severely damaged Santa Ramona University Campus to media personnel. The structural damage to the university buildings is extensive and they have been condemned until further notice.

FEMA has stepped in to assist city officials with a temporary campus which includes a well equipped library - which will double as a lecture theatre, along with a canteen, and makeshift dormitories. While the facilities are primarily being occupied by the university at this time, they are open to any citizen displaced by the quake. Other locations available to those still seeking shelter are City Hall and the SRV Firehouse.

Students are asked to cooperate with SRVU faculty members and Federal officials as they endeavour to keep everyone safe while still ensuring that the semester begins on time and runs smoothly.Classes are expect to resume on Monday 15th May, 2018 for the Spring Semester.

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