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Earthquake Hits Santa Ramona Valley

At approximately 10:30 am on the 10th of April,2018, mother nature had her way with Santa Romona Valley as a powerful earthquake rocked the city - perhaps the strongest since the infamous and deadly quake of 1906. Fire Chief Morpork has confirmed that a State of Emergency has been issued for the greater Santa Ramona Valley area.

Business and home owners have expressed concerns about their properties as Chinatown has been evacuated. The landmark neighborhood's structures have been identified by officials as particularly vulnerable to the effects of this type of disaster. FEMA has set up a shelter at City Hall for anyone displaced by this act of God and the Fire Department has also opened the firehouse to those in need of shelter at this time. Safety officials ask that residents of evacuated premises please not venture into their homes in search of loved ones, pets or material possessions.

The Chronicles' team was on location within minutes of the initial quake, where first responders were already on the scene and have since tirelessly worked to clear rubble and evacuate trapped residents. The SRV FD could be seen hard at work as late as midnight extracting two female victims from a popular night spot known as Alley Cats. They were transported to the hospital in critical condition however their identities are not being released in the press until their families have been contacted. Chief Morpork was unable to confirm any casualties at this time.

Residents are reminded to cooperate with the city officials as they attempt to keep everyone safe during recovery and clean up operations. Fire Chief Morpork has asked that citizens be aware of their surroundings and that they report any damage that they might encounter no matter how minor it may seem. Additionally, citizens are reminded to be mindful of unstable debris and structures, interrupted electrical supplies and other such invisible hazards as they navigate the city during this period. Gas leaks, are of particular concern and natural gas also poses a real threat. Avoid and report any area in which a smell of sulfur or rotten eggs is detected. Also be vigilant in reporting interrupted water supplies or an abundance of water in areas where this is not the norm as this might indicate an impaired water main and can impair the Department's ability to fight fires.

((OOC: Please contact the Chief Morpork if you are Planning any earthquake related fires))

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