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City Hall Sex Doll Prank

At approximately 2:17 pm on April 29th, 2018, it came to the attention of the Santa Ramona Valley Police Department, that a sex doll with various phallic sex toys protruding from all of its orifices had been placed on the steps of the main entrance to Santa Ramona Valley City Hall.

Several passers-by and observers gawked, stared, and pointed at the rather obscene and colorful arrangment of marital aids. Some even offered comments and theories about why these things were placed and what the meaning behind it was if any.

With a recent terroristic attack on the same building just 9 days prior, law enforcement and other citizens following current event, cannot rule out the possibility of the two incidents being connected.

Officer, Jason Briggs who was none to thrilled to find the plastic blonde propped on all fours in the entryway, just as he was just exiting the building at the end of his shift. Briggs did, however, pausefor a brief interview with the present press, before he would call in the incident to his department.

Vicky Berry: "As we can see there are several *chuckles* um what do you call these...Dildos and