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City Hall Bombing

At Approximately 5:05 pm on Friday April 20th, 2018, an explosion that shook the city would go off at City Hall. The bulding erupted in flames and several supportive beams that were part of the foundation and erecting the front of the building gave out creating a hazard for those trapped inside. Many were able to escape unharmed or with minor injuries as first responders were prompt to arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, several police officers were badly burned and 2 detectives had lost their lives to the blast. No civilian deaths were reported, however.

Investigations and witnesses as well as live footage of the explosion show that the blast originated from a bomb placed in a police cruiser parked in front of City Hall. Police Chief, Jay Biafra, at the scene of the crime did not release the names of those injured nor any suspects for who may have set the bomb and why.

However he did respond to the press present when asked and gave the following quote:

"Well, no civilians were injured, fortunately. Truly it is the community which suffers the loss most greatly of two great members of our department, both individuals loved Santa Ramona Valley and all the people in it. We'll work diligently to find what or who is responsible for such an event."

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