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Taco Block Party

And a party it was!!! The City Commissioners and personnel roped off Mission Blvd. down to the courthouse, where contestants in the "Best Taco" competition then decorated individual booths. There were sombreros, maracas, Mexican and Colombian flags, painted cats and even a Mariachi Band to fill the streets not only with the bright colors but with the sounds and smells to rival any Latino Fiesta!

The contestants were there to show off their talents in making the best tacos in town offering the citizens a wide selection to tempt their taste buds to life with the standard...the exotic...the sizzling hot. No matter your preference in tacos, it was sure to be found at the block party. Hotel Cortez, owner Sarina Jade, offered the citizens a Grilled Drunken Shrimp taco; some say in the hopes that if the citizens didn't like the taste best, they'd perhaps be drunk enough to deem it the winner! Chef Santiago of The Wolf's Tavern created a twist on the owner's, Evelyna Callix, Native American heritage offering a frybread as the base for a twist on some classic taco recipes while Miss Callix plied the citizens with shots of tequila perhaps to compete with the drunk shrimp. Santa Ramona's own Tacocat offered up a Baja Fish Taco in a freshly baked warmed shell cod taco, though there seems to be some question as to whether or not it was truly cod, but it would explain why the meows out did the Mariachi Band as the pussies came running to this booth in particular. Next, Miss Melody offered the sensible in the crowd a vegan taco sure to please those watching their health even while spinning some fine tunes. The Colombian heritage was represented with Miss. Aquilah Rau's ¡Adios chinga tu madre! Pork Tacos, though some reports imply that if the burning trips to the port-a-potty didn't keep citizens from voting for this sizzling hot taco, Miss Rau's poor sportsmanship and the instigator in much of the "hawking and trash talking" would, as one contestant reported. Last, and definitely least, for the mundane, there were Dante Dune's drive-thru Taco Bell tacos.

In the end, the winner was The Reel Club & Seaside's, "Elegant Approach to Taco" that the citizens seem to enjoy most. As the owner of The Reel Club, Judge Trish Claremont, does not eat red meat, or even much in spices, he had his Chef's create a Salmos Carpaccio seasoned with the most gentle of fresh herbs. It seems the citizens applauded the Chefs efforts as the The Reel Club took home 1st place in Santa Ramona’s Best Taco.

Though not much information is to be had, it seems at the same time as the tacos were being sampled, there was a competition for a Queen of the block party. The crown went to Miss Melody!!! The Chronicle wishes to congratulate both The Reel Club and Miss Melody on their wins!

To wrap it up a little Block Party Dr. Seuss for you: Some tacos have meat; Some tacos have heat; Some tacos have cod; Some tacos are just odd; Some tacos are undeniably lame Some tacos warrant high fame; Some taco's even have cat hair; But, Santa Ramona’s tacos have flare!

by: Ms. Busy B. Body